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Finkle Associates
(864) 848-9274
PO Box 1816
Greer, SC

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Advanced Technical Resources LLC
(864) 322-5071
PO Box 676
Taylors, SC

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Phillips Resource Group - MASTER
(864) 271-6350
330 Pelham Rd
Greenville, SC

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Chase Staffing Services
(864) 433-0353
2111 E Main St
Duncan, SC

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Columbia Staffing
(864) 322-6004
530 Howell Rd
Greenville, SC

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Ziegler Independent Agency
(864) 275-4289
PO Box 2758
Greer, SC
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(703) 467-2356
152-C Milestone Way
Greenville, SC

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(864) 987-0006
7001 Pelham Rd
Greenville, SC

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Exclusive Search Consultants
(864) 963-1844
10 Garlington Rd
Greenville, SC

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FGP International
(864) 297-0000
150 Executive Center Dr
Greensville, SC

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Staffing - How To Find The Right Employees For The Job

Good help is hard to find. It always has been. It always seems that business owners either find dependable, honest employees, who just are not capable of handling the job, or they find employees who are capable of handling the job, but are not dependable or honest. The key is to find employees who are dependable, honest, and capable all at the same time. This can be one of the most daunting tasks business owners face.

Know what you are looking for before you start looking. By identifying what qualities and capabilities you are looking for in an employee, you will have a better idea as to where to find the right employees for the job. Write out a job description, and list the job duties that will be required. List any special educational requirements, as well as past work experience that the right employee should have.

You can advertise open positions in your local classifieds, but you may be better off not doing so. When you advertise to such a large group of people, you will spend countless hours wading through applications from people who are not at all qualified for the job. You are better off going through a recruiting company, which will only send you applicants that meet your basic requirements. Be sure that you are very clear about your needs when you consult with a recruiting company. There will be fees involved for the recruiting service, but often, these fees are quite acceptable when you look at the amount of time you will be saving in finding the right employees for the job.

You should also strongly consider a temporary staffing agency. The staffing agency will screen the temporary employees for you, and in most cases, send you the most qualified candidate for the job. Their temporary employee status will give you the opportunity to see if they really are the right employee for the job, without entering into any permanent employment agreements. If you are not happy with the work the temporary is doing, simply tell the staffing agency to send you different temporary. Once you find the employee that is right for the job, you will probably be required to pay the temporary staffing agency a fee to release the employee, then you will be free to hire the employee as a permanent member of your staff. Be sure that you screen the staffing agency first. Check the staffing company out with the Better Business Bureau, and ask them for referrals. Check out the referrals.

You may consider breaking the screening process up into different parts: The application process, the general qualification process, the final interview, then the background checks. The application process is self-explanatory - you simply start the ball rolling by either advertising that you have a position open, hiring a recruiting company, or contracting with a temporary staffing agency. The next step is the qualification process, where you eliminate potential employees who are not qualified to handle the job. The third step - the fina...

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