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Camoren Dicosta
(732) 465-0065
15 Corporate Place South, Suite 301
Piscataway, OH
Franklin I Ury Insurance
(718) 761-4280
79 Sheraden Avenue
Staten Island, NY
Twins Specialty Insurance Agency Inc
(718) 701-3667
322 New Drop Lane
Staten Island, NY
Dmas Insurance Agency
(718) 981-0700
1132 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY
Dmas Incorporated
(718) 981-0700
1132 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY
CNR Agency Inc
(718) 317-2596
449 Craig Ave
Staten Island, NY
Twins Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc.
(347) 524-1915
322 New Dorp Ln
Staten Island, NY
Jerrys Automobile Sales
(718) 816-4101
1307 Castleton Ave
Staten Island, NY
Brooks Farris Bowe
(718) 981-2902
1146 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY
Sentry Grand Corp
(718) 717-2002
1880 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY

Insurance For Your Small Business

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners often make is not insuring their business, not getting the proper insurance, or under-insuring their business. Work with both your accountant and your insurance agent to ensure that you make the right choices. Business insurance falls into two categories: Insurance that protects your business, and insurance that protects you and your employees. You will need to take a look at both categories to ensure that you have covered all the bases.

The first type of policy to look at for your business is a Standard Business Owners Policy (BOP). This type of policy encompasses several different types of coverage, and offers the best overall protection for your business. A standard business owner’s policy typically covers property damage, liability, and loss of income due to business interruption. Have your accountant go over the BOP that your insurance agent offers to make sure that it has the coverage that you need.

Business Owners Policies do not cover all of your small business insurance needs - the next type of insurance to look at is automobile insurance. This insurance should cover any vehicles used in the course of your business, such as delivery vehicles and company cars. Automobile Liability insurance is required in most states, for both personal and business vehicles.

A standard business owners policy may include coverage for your equipment, however, if it does not, you will probably want to get a policy that will cover the equipment. For equipment that doesn't fit into other types of coverage, you can purchase a specialized equipment coverage policy. Present a list of the equipment you need coverage for to your insurance agent to find out what equipment can be covered by the different policies available.

For yourself, you will need health insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance. You can also try to find a group insurance package that will enable you to offer thes...

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