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(713) 780-1755
Po Box 630505
Houston, TX
Management Consultants, Business Services, Computer Consultants, Help Desk Services, Computer Upgrade Services

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Antia International Trading
(281) 561-8999
13275 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

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Graham Management
(281) 497-4320
12000 Westheimer Rd Ste 390
Houston, TX

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Salson Sos Inc
(713) 996-8087
3000 Brittmoore Rd
Houston, TX

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SunGard Consulting Services
(713) 350-1026
10375 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX
MAS Solutions, LLC
(281) 494-4874
PO Box 941113
Houston, TX
Am Rent
(713) 266-1870
950 Threadneedle St Ste 200
Houston, TX

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Mhs Group
(281) 558-9999
15119 Memorial Dr Ste 101
Houston, TX

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James Miller & Co
(281) 493-6400
1136 N Kirkwood Rd
Houston, TX

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Champagne Logistics
(713) 466-5349
10355 W Little York Rd
Houston, TX

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How To Run A Successful Business

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that once the business is a success, it will remain a success. This is just not so. The continued success of a business is dependent on many factors, beginning with how the business is run. Here are some tips to help you run a successful business. Participate in your business. Even if you turn the actual day-to-day operations over to others, make sure that you always know what is going on. Too many businesses fail simply because the owner wasn't aware of problems, and didn't stay 'in the loop.' Set up a system of checks and balances, much like the Government has. This will enable you and your employees to always know what is going on in the different areas of your business.

Understand the roles that business professionals, such as accountants, play in your business. If you don't understand what they are doing, they can easily make mistakes that cost your business money. They may even steal from you. Understanding what they are doing, and keeping an eye on their participation in your business can help reduce or eliminate these potential problems.

Keep an eye on your employees. Pay attention to how they do their jobs, and most importantly, how they treat your customers. Don't be afraid to fire employees who do not give you a full days work in exchange for a full days pay. However, do not become a tyrant either, or you won't be able to attract, or keep, good employees. Set up a schedule for employee performance reviews, and reward your good employees often.

Keep good records, and review them often. Know what your expenses are, and what the business income is. Make adjustments in spending as necessary, and always be on the lookout for ways to cut back on costs, without altering the quality of service you offer.

Put money back into the business. Every month, make sure that you are putting a certain percentage of the profits back into the business. This will enable your business to grow or improve over time.

Implement a training program. Well trained employees are vital to the success of a business. Write a training manual, and give a copy to all new employees. Lead them through the training process, making sure that they understand all of the key elements of their positions.

Take really good care of all of your customers, and reward your best customers. Without your customers, you don't have a business. Attracting and keeping customers is hard, but keeping a customer is easier, and less expensive, than attracting new customers.

Be honest. Offer quality products and services to your customers at fair prices. Trying to cheat your customers is the fastest road to business failure. Follow through on the promises you make to both your customers, and your employees.

Pay your taxes. Work with a tax professional to get the best tax advantages and savings, but do not attempt to cheat the Government out of what they consider to be their share. This wi...

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