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Looking for Commercial Equipment Financing in Milford? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Milford that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Commercial Equipment Financing in Milford.

Panfilo Guglielmi
Advanced Capital Advisors, LLC
(203) 255-0504
140 Sherman Street, 4th FL
Fairfield, CT
Ongoing Investment Management, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Estate & Generational Planning Issues, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Advising Medical Professionals, High Net Worth Client Needs
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Russell Wayne
Sound Asset Management, Inc.
(203) 222-9370
5 Glen Lane, East Wing
Weston, CT
Ongoing Investment Management, Hourly Financial Planning Services, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Investment Advice without Ongoing Management, Middle Income Client Needs, Newlyweds & Novice Investors
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, BA, CFP®, MBA

Ms. Joan M. Guccione, CFP®
(914) 536-5484
1 Merwin Ave
Milford, CT
Fleetwood Asset Management Ltd

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Mr. Brian Daniel Parke, CFP®
(203) 877-1520
67 Cherry St
Milford, CT
Connecticut Capital Management Group, LLC
Areas of Specialization
Asset Allocation, Business Succession Planning, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Employee and Employer Plan Benefits, General Financial Planning, Insurance Planning, Intergenerational Planning
Key Considerations
Average Net Worth: $1,000,001 - $5,000,000

Average Income: $100,001 - $250,000

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Mr. Harvey M. Weinstein, CFP®
18 Spring St
Milford, CT
Harvey Weinstein Financial,LLC
Areas of Specialization
Comprehensive Financial Planning, Elder Care, Healthcare Planning, Retirement Income Management, Tax Planning

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Elizabeth Cox
Cox Financial Services, LLC
(203) 221-2799
191 Post Road West
Westport, CT
Divorce Planning, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Hourly Financial Planning Services, Ongoing Investment Management, Women's Financial Planning Issues, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CDFA, CFP®, EA

Paul Pignone
Boston Retirement Advisors, LLC
(203) 453-2806
720 Goose Lane
Guilford, CT
Ongoing Investment Management, Retirement Plan Investment Advice, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Hourly Financial Planning Services, High Net Worth Client Needs, Middle Income Client Needs
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, AIF, CFP®, ChFc, CLU, CSA

Mr. Mario D. Bartoli, CFP®
(203) 876-8438
190 Broad St
Milford, CT
People's Securities

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Mr. Michael John Falkowski, CFP®
(203) 882-9896
433 New Haven Ave
Falkowski Financial Inc

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Mr. Marc J. Zanghi, CFP®
(203) 874-9031
73 Golden Hill St
Milford, CT
Zanghi Tax & Business Services

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How To Find Commercial Equipment Financing

Most companies require equipment of some type at some point. It may be something as small as a computer system, or as large as a construction crane. Whether you are an established company or a small startup, paying for the needed equipment may be difficult, and the cost could set you back to the point where your business is at risk. However, you can ease the burden by obtaining commercial equipment financing .

A commercial equipment loan may be used for any type of equipment associated with the operations of your business. This includes computer hardware and software. Furthermore, commercial equipment loans can be used for the installation, training, and consultation that are related to any commercial equipment that you buy.

The problem is that many business owners do not know how to find the right finance companies to obtain the equipment loan . The majority of the business owners who do approach the right equipment finance companies are ill prepared, and fail to get their equipment loans . You can avoid those problems by being prepared, and knowing what your financing options are.

Begin by knowing and understanding exactly what you require. Do some comparison shopping and locate the best deal possible for the equipment that you wish to finance. Write down all of the specifics about that equipment. Don't make the mistake of approaching the equipment financing company before you know what you want to buy and how much it will cost.

The next step is to gather the documents that will be needed. This includes financial statements for the last five years, your business plan, federal tax returns for the last five years, articles of incorporation, business licenses, and a list of credit references. In most cases, the equipment you will be financing will be used as collateral, but you may also want to have a list of other assets that you can use for collateral as well. All of these documents may not apply to you. It is often best to call ahead to the equipment finance company and simply ask what documents they will expect you to have. You should also get a copy of your credit report to make sure everything is in order.

Finally, you are ready to determine what equipment finance company you will approach for your equipment loan . There are many options open to you. Your bank would be an obvious choice, but it isn't necessarily the best choice. Just as you looked for the best deal when choosing the equipment, you will want to find the best deal when you choose the financing. Begin by making a list of your options, then call those options and check the interest rates.

Don't overlook any financing options for your commercial equipment financing . Call the vendor that has the equipment you want to finance. Ask them if they offer any type of vendor financing, or if they use any particular equipment financing company. Get the details and write everything down.

Other than banks and vendor financing, other comme...

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