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Thorton Associates Inc
(401) 942-5970
1291 Plainfield St
Johnston, RI
A & A Insurance
(401) 331-4450
1126 Hartford Ave #101
Johnston, RI
John E Tucker Inc
(401) 942-5100
1308 Atwood Ave
Johnston, RI
Mardo Lachapelle & Co
(401) 274-8400
438 Broadway
Providence, RI
Office Assistants
(401) 233-0828
28 Cedar Swamp Rd
Smithfield, RI
Lucier & Co
(401) 946-1900
1308 Atwood Ave
Johnston, RI
Louis M D'Antuono CPA
(401) 942-1500
1304 Atwood Ave
Johnston, RI
Thomas E Antoske CPA
(401) 233-2200
266 Putnam Pike
Smithfield, RI
VincFinancial Services
(401) 636-0750
37 Hudson Street
Providence, RI
Stephen M. Muscatelli CPA
(401) 349-4115
310 George Washington Hwy
Smithfield, RI

Advantages of Having A Good Accountant

Good accountants are valuable assets to every business, whether it is a small business or a giant corporation. Contrary to popular belief, good accountants do more than just handle your payroll and your taxes. In many cases, a good accountant can be the difference between business success, and business failure.

One of the biggest advantages of having a good accountant is tax planning. This is more than just simple tax preparation. A good accountant will work with you throughout the year to offer advice that will allow you to operate your business in a manner that gives you the biggest tax advantages. This saves you money. Since your personal finances are greatly affected by your business income, another advantage of having a good accountant is that they will often give you personal financial advice throughout the year as well, and often help you with estate planning.

A good accountant is also acts as a business consultant. They will be able to assist you with various business problems, and have the ability to offer good solutions. A good accountant wants you and your business to succeed, as it is a reflection on them, as much as a reflection on you. Pricing and inventory issues, risk management, and even marketing are all areas that good accountants will be able to advise you in.

When your business faces problems, or has needs that are beyond the scope of the accountant, a good accountant usually has close connections to other professionals, such as bankers and lawyers, who can help you out. They often have connections to prospective customers, suppliers, and investors as well. Often, the accountant’s connections are just as important to you as the accountant is.

Just as accountants know other professionals who can help you, other professionals know good accountants. Begin your search by asking for referrals for accountants from your lawyer, banker, or other small business owners.

When you are searching for a good accountant for your business, find out how active the accountants are in the community. You should also look for a Certified Public Accountant. These accountants have passed extensive tests and met educational requirements in the areas of finance. They are also subject to periodic re-certification exams. CPA's often have higher fees than non-CPA's, but it is usually well worth the extra expense.

You will be spending quite a bit of time with your accountant during the life of your business, so make...

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